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The Charles M. Schulz Museum in California, U.S., is a mecca for Snoopy fans. We helped to oversee the architectural design and manage the interior design of the Snoopy Museum Tokyo, created as the world’s first satellite branch of the Charles M. Schulz Museum. Taking into account its three-year fixed term and the surrounding green space despite its location in urban Roppongi, we needed to create an environment that would allow visitors to experience Snoopy’s world-view throughout the entire building.

Visitors step into Snoopy’s world as they are greeted by an old brick wall surrounding the site as well as rows of California-themed plants.
The gallery, acting as the main facility, is largely split into three zones with five display cases that delicately divide the space. The placement and shape of these cases is changed to remodel the space every six months when there is an exhibition project. Beyond the gallery is a shop called “Brown’s Store”, which features wall fixtures that take advantage of the 4.5 m high ceiling, and a tree-shaped symbol tree resembling the one which can be seen in the Peanuts comic books that impresses the visitors. In keeping with client requests for the store to have a hand-crafted feeling, we organized it in a way to show off details such as laminated plywood edges and a simple steel frame construction by way of the fixtures.
Ahead of the shop is “Café Blanket”, which offers a menu based on the Peanuts comics. Just as the name implies, the café uses a blue long table as a symbol associated with the blue blanket belonging to Linus. The seats and wood finish, as well as the color of the walls, which harmonize with the brick terrace, bring a calmness to the café interior.

Not just the gallery, shop, and café, but the entire facility is treated as an exhibition space for Snoopy. Our goal was to provide a space that would offer new discoveries with each visit while providing ways for visitors to meet the iconic characters.

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