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We renovated the men’s apparel section located on the 5th floor of the Seibu Ikebukuro building. Since the original layout was compartmented and gave an
impression of isolation, deliverables included a more open space to impart it a sense of unity, and an environment that will foster a feeling of calmness.
To give the space a sense of loftiness, we concentrated the show-room and fitting rooms around the 14 columns found throughout the floor and placed a display
area at the center of the floor, to recreate the openness of a town square. The exterior and interior materials on the walls surrounding the columns alternate
to create a patchwork that beckons customers inside the store area. Moreover, different materials, such as dyed lauan wood, cemented excelsior board and
spraying material, as well as resin terrazzo, etc., were used to accentuate the zoning.
Each store is identified with signs shaped like a street sign or an address plate, which reinforces the feeling of walking down a shopping street. Furthermore,
the lighting also contributes to this layout by using white light simulating natural light outdoors and warm-colored light indoors.

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